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Global Network Links

I would like to recommend that you check the following sites for the most current and up to date links for cetacea research with very special people.

Trish and Wally Franklin

The Oceania Project
PO Box 646
Byron Bay 2481
NSW Australia
Phone: Local: 066 858128 International: 61 66 858128
Fax: Local: 066 858998 International: 61 66 858998
Mobile Phone: 0418 797326


Please visit The Oceania Project Web Site.

The Dolphin Society

International Dolphin Watch & The Homepage of Dr. Horace Dobbs

Tir Na Mara: Gaelic for Sea Kingdom (other dolphin & whale sites for you to connect with)

The Virtual Dolphin Project

The Great Whales Foundation

Ocean98: A wonderful site that I highly recommend!

If you have a link that you feel would be a good addition to this page please email me!